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Click HERE for the ICSD Elementary Student Handbook.


Click HERE for the ICSD High School Student Handbook.  


Click HERE for the Club Schedules. 



Click the image above to order online, or click HERE for a yearbook order form (Word document format).  The early-bird price is $50 first semester. The price is $60 second semester.  The final order deadline is May 31, 2019.


Parent Note Excuse Form:  Parents may click here to access and print a Parent Note Excuse Form. Excuses must be presented to the school office within two days of the absence(s) or the absence(s) will be considered to be Unexcused.


















































Lunch Menu (May 20-22)

Monday:  Breaded Chicken Patty Sandwich, John Wayne Dip

Tuesday: Pizza

Wednesday: Manager's Choice


Click HERE for the Mustang Minute announcement sheet (updated weekly). The Mustang Minute contains more information and announcements about upcoming activities and events.


Click HERE for information about JUULs (vaping/e-cigarettes). For more information, click HERE.


Congratulations to these two for being chosen as Most Likely to Succeed:

John Curtis DeVaughn and Madi Harris


Congratuations to these seven for being selected into the MHS Hall of Fame:

Luke Boren, Carson Burns, John Curtis DeVaughn, Madi Harris, Layken Inghram, Alyssa Moore, and Chad Allon Stephens 


Congratulations to the High School Who's Who Winners:

Cutest: Alex Duthu and Sydney Scribner

Most Athletic: Carson Burns and McKinley Montgomery

Wittiest: John Curtis DeVaughn and Charla Watson

Best All Around: John Curtis DeVaughn and Alisha Boren

Friendliest: Luke Boren and Emory Rinehard

Most Polite: John Curtis DeVaughn and Sydney Scribner

Most School Spirit: John Curtis DeVaughn and Brooklynn Hughes

Most Talented: Justin Sykes and McKinley Montgomery

Most Intellectual: Chad Allon Stephens and Sara Beth Thompson

Best Dressed: Kade Robbins and Abby Boutwell

Congratulations to the Junior High Who's Who Winners:

Best All Around: Mason and Waddle and Taylor Spradling

Best Dressed: Cooper Guin and Darby Pitts

Cutest: Greg Raper and Alexis Leach

Friendliest: Adam Taylor and Andrea Yielding

Most Athletic: Hunter Hester and Ramsey Montgomery

Most Intellectual: Adam Taylor and Jana Cate Thompson

Most Polite: Wyatt Guin and Kaylie Barber

Most School Spirit: Kayden Turner and Shayla Wilson

Most Talented: Landon Prestage and Darby Pitts

Wittiest: A.C. Ryan and Hannah Guin


Congratulations to the 7th-12th Grade Class Favorites:

7th Grade Favorites: Greg Raper and Ramsey Montgomery

8th Grade Favorites: Briar Graham and Keileigh Spencer

9th Grade--Austin Harris, Chalee Hill, and Bailee Hembree

10th Grade--Dylan Bennett and Madison Jones

11th Grade--Sam Luke Jones and Olivia Johnson

12th Grade--Adam Dill and Neely Christian


Congratulations to the following:

Freshman Homecoming Maids:  Madelynne Grimes and Cameron Massey

Sophomore Homecoming Maids:  Abby Boutwell and Jacie Dickinson

Junior Homecoming Maids:  Brooklynn Hughes and McKinley Montgomery

Senior Homecoming Maids:  Rachel DeVaughn, Madi Harris (Homecoming Queen), and Gracie Spradlin

Mr. and Miss MHS:  John Curtis DeVaughn and Layken Inghram

Mr. and Miss MJHS:  Cooper Guin and Darby Pitts

Mr. and Miss MES:  Jackson Voyles and Maddie Erickson


The Itawamba Leadership Committee is tasked with recruiting high school juniors and seniors to participate in leadership activities. These activities are to build the future leaders of Itawamba County. The youth learn leadership skills, character building skills, and team- building skills. Importance is placed on readying our future leaders and investing in their future endeavors. Please click the following for the Application, Candidate Letter, and a Meeting Calendar. Register ASAP!


Active Parent and Active Student:  The website to register for Active Parent is or click HERE.  The website to register for Active Student is or click HERE.  Click Request Account and go through the steps to set up a student account.  Passwords should be a minimum of six characters long.  Once the account is set up, the student can view grades, assignments, absences, and posted announcements.  If the account is not available after three or more business days, go back to Active Student and click Reset. All students need to register for Active Student if not already registered. If you have forgotten your Active Student password, please go to this link and follow the instructions:



Parking pass requirements are as follows:

1.  Driver's information form - includes student & parent information, vehicle make & model, tag number, & color of vehicle

2.  Copy of valid driver's license

3.  Copy of current insurance - must match the car that is registered with the office

4.  $20 parking fee

5.  All papers must be signed by student and parent/guardian.

Reminder:  No food deliveries may be made to the school unless it is for an approved school function. 

Reminder:  Shorts must be knee-length for both males and females.

Ms. Susan Scribner has the dual-credit lists of classes, days, and times of when they are offered on the window by the MHS office bulletin board.

ICC offers courses for "Preparing for the ACT."  Call 662.407.1500 for more information about classes and registration.

The ACT test dates and registration deadlines are on their website. Go to to register.

Students who complete high school in December 2018 and enter ICC in January 2019 will be eligible for the County Tuition Grant. Students will not be able to apply for State of Mississippi Student Aid for 2018-2019, but should apply for 2019-2020 as soon as possible beginning January 1, 2019. All other requirements for application are the same.


Notice of Daily Road Closure:

Mustang Drive at the south entrance to Mantachie Attendance Center (4-way stop by the daycare) will be closed daily beginning at 2:30 p.m., and remain closed until after parent pickup is concluded. Vehicles will NOT be allowed entrance at the south end or the north end. The north end will be open only for parent pickup as it is now. As the south entrance will be barricaded, there will be no check-outs for students between these times. If you need to check-out your child, it must be done before 2:30 p.m. No unauthorized vehicles will be allowed to enter or park on school property during the secured time. These safety measures will ensure that students are either placed on a bus or in the parent pick-up area.  Also, this will be a safer way to secure the bus loading area as well as provide safe dismissal of students in the high school parking lot. Please understand that the safety of our students is our number one concern.


Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.





































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